Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maps, lots and lots of maps!

The maps have arrived. Twenty-seven maps. The enormity of what we are undertaking suddenly hits home as I unfold map after map and trace the Australian Alps Walking Track across endless topographical contours. Hidden in the crisp folds of these new maps lies our path across the high country.

Our planning is well underway with lists of gear and lists of jobs to-do. Ultrarunners love the chance to paw over lists of gear. Better still, we love choosing new gear. Getting us to do the to-dos isn’t quite as easy. We’d rather be out running. That’s when a good crew is priceless. Having someone inspired enough to take part behind the scenes and organise the stuff that needs doing but otherwise probably wouldn’t get done, makes all the difference. Thanks Kathy.

We have all the ingredients, we have the mixing bowl, we even have a chef, now we just need to bake this cake. Come February 14 we get to eat our cake. We get to run endless trails through remote Australian bush. Well, not quite endless. Somewhere around 650km. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? A

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plu said...

Finally found what you are doing - good running and use Twitter please.

cheers PLu