Monday, February 9, 2009


After posting the last entry the true extent of the disaster throughout Victoria became evident. It quickly became clear that there is no way we could start our AAWT run as planned. Even if the trail was not directly affected we could not continue out of respect to those who have suffered casualties and respect for the emergency services. As it is, the parks we will pass through are closed. While we are disappointed there are far more serious issues at hand that puts it all into perspective.

Thankyou to Injinji and all those who have donated to Australian Wildlife Conservancy for your support to this point and rest assured that we will be patient and our chance to run the AAWT will come eventually. Meanwhile our thoughts are with those who have suffered loss and to all those who are putting their life on the line to fight these fires. A

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Record temperatures and bushfires

As we swelter through record heatwaves we watch the news for bushfires that burn across the country. While our journey is by choice those out there fighting the fires don't have that luxury so it keeps our perspective well grounded. Our thoughts are with those fighting the fires and those who have suffered casualties.

Meanwhile, we will continue the planning in the hope that the worst is passed. With less than a week to go we have just odds and ends to be tied up. Dave has loaded the entire AAWT onto a GPS. I have cross referenced this with the topos and it is pretty accurate. It also shows the total ascent and descent to be over 30,000 metres and total distance as 677km! Probably could have done without that bit of information.

All our gear has arrived and we have been trail testing any new bits. Injinji have done a fantastic job helping secure some great gear and of course some great new socks. I am particularly eanamoured with the new line of Silver Series socks. So much so that I will be wearing them instead of my trusty Performance toesocks on the AAWT. The Silver Series are over calf length providing just enough compressive effect to be supportive but not too much to be restrictive. They are also lined with silver thread making them more resistant to odour. I have worn my new pair for five runs straight without washing them, and although I cannot convince my wife to smell test them, they still don't smell!

Packing is well under way. It is hard to plan for blizzard conditions when the mercury is over 47*C outside and we are watching bushfires. But in the Alps anything is possible. We will continue to monitor the bushfires and the weather and if all goes to plan this time next week we will have completed the first leg of our AAWT Ultra. A