Monday, February 9, 2009


After posting the last entry the true extent of the disaster throughout Victoria became evident. It quickly became clear that there is no way we could start our AAWT run as planned. Even if the trail was not directly affected we could not continue out of respect to those who have suffered casualties and respect for the emergency services. As it is, the parks we will pass through are closed. While we are disappointed there are far more serious issues at hand that puts it all into perspective.

Thankyou to Injinji and all those who have donated to Australian Wildlife Conservancy for your support to this point and rest assured that we will be patient and our chance to run the AAWT will come eventually. Meanwhile our thoughts are with those who have suffered loss and to all those who are putting their life on the line to fight these fires. A


Martin Dugdale said...

tough luck guys but undoubtedly the correct decision. hope it all works out for you sooner rather than later

Karl said...

Hi Andrew, Thanks for your good wishes. We are both in the same boat on this one. We figured on Sunday, as the extent became clearer, that retirement back home was the only option. In hindsight it was a no brainer but at the time, after so much preparation, it was still a difficult moment to give it away. Hoping that an opportunity opens in 1-2 weeks time. I the meantime our best wishes to those directly involved in the fires, Karl

sol said...

Definitely the right move, but total bummer for you guys. I look forward to vicariously travelling the AAWT in record time with the three (five) of you, in the not-too-distant future.

Stay positive,
Chris (sol)

Karl said...

Hi Andrew,
Yes, I thought the delay would be a serious problem for you guys with so many of you involved. It will come together for you in due course, but best you weren't out there at the time otherwise there would be a lot of worried people. I have the tarptent squall and am very pleased with it, but have used tarps around Sydney for the last 2 years without incident. I am really happy with the new one tested last night. It blew and rained off and on all night. Not a drop inside and no damage. The phone is a Sony Ericson Z750i running on Next G. The phone has a blue tick for rural use and various feedback pages indicated that remote reception was OK (as opposed to other blue tick phones that got some lousy feedback)and it did give me reception yesterday in areas that I wasn't expecting it. Downside is the lack of a querty keyboard so rather slow to blog.

Not happy with my lightweight wet weather gear - back to the drawing board on that issue

All the best with revision of plans