Friday, March 11, 2011

AAWT 2-0 Mellum

Well with regret Andy has pulled the pin on his solo unsupported attempt.
Combination of bad weather and a crap tent, wet clothes and sleeping bag his undoing. He is now 'walking 40km with tail between his legs to Licola'

Bummer mate, next time we do it together with crew and beat it!

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Karl said...

Geez, That is tough! Really sorry to hear that Andrew. 32mm at Mt Buller and 40mm at Mt Hotham in last 2 days so it sure was wet. That bloody section of the track is out to get you for sure - Bushfires, regrowth/starvation and now a b..... flood. Locusts next year !!.

Suggest you start from the north and then this section can have its wicked way when all you want to do is finish.