Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slow progress

Wet and Cold

Latest report:

Andy made it in and out of Black River after a big day, lots of tricky navigation and long hours on his feet. Weather turned at Licola Rd camp and after a very sleepless wet night (tent didn't cope too well) he decided to push on to Rumpf Saddle before bunkering down to wait out the weather. Fear of getting spare (dry) clothing and sleeping bag wet before he sets off into the Wilderness Area(Crosscut Saw etc) for 4 days before his next drop at Hotham made the decision easy, that and only 10-15m visibilty.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better conditions so he can forge on.

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Jill C from BMI said...

What an effort Andrew! I will be watching your progress keenly. You are amazing.