Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another GNW done and dusted

November 10-11 Phil and I completed another GNW100 miler. That makes seven finishes each (plus I have a 100km finish the first year when Phil paced Dog instead of entering). That puts us well clear of all others on the GNW finishers list. In great conditions we both set PBs, Phil in 25:02 and myself in 31:44. I would like to say it is getting easier but it's not. And the re-introduction of the old section after Bumble Hill was at least half an hour slower. Our 63+ hour finish of the full GNW250 back in June seemed a long distant past. But the sleep monsters were just as bad. And the trail was equally unforgiving. The records are irrevocably etched now and we start to think about the next challenge. Phil is planning to rest a nagging injury hoping to clear it up. Me, I have another long trail to tackle. I will update here before starting and get Phil to post updates as best I can relay them through when I have reception.

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