Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bibbulmun Track

Stretching from the outskirts of Perth all the way south to Albany, the Bibbulmun Track is Australia's longest dedicated hiking track. At an official 967km but closer to 1000km in reality it takes the average hiker many weeks to complete an end-to-end traverse. The current Fastest Known Time for the Bibb is held by Bernadette Benson in 15days 9hrs 48mins completed in November 2011. This was a supported effort (see definitions fastestknowntime). The claimed fastest 'self-supported' is by Andy Fawcett in 17days 15hours and 10mins set in November 2008. No supporting evidence has been offered to substantiate this time and it appears that it was not a solo effort. After that the next best known and documented traverse was by Nicki Rehn in 19.5days in 2009 which included a rest day amazingly.

I am planning a traverse of the full Bibbulmun, solo and self-supported starting Friday 23rd November. I will be carrying a Spot tracker and Phil will be posting updates here as I can get them to him. I plan to utilise half a dozen small food drops and spend some nights in town accommodation en-route. My primary goal is to finish. How long it will take me remains the big question. If I do finish, I hope to establish a new verifiable self-supported fastest time. Anything more will be a bonus. Wish me luck!

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