Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 12

Day 12 started late again to get a cooked breakfast. Just so bloody hungry. Have lost weight despite eating like a horse. Planned just 2 huts to rest my nagging ankle. But made great time on open flat trails so made lake hut about 4:30. Pushed on but went a few hundred metres and decided at best 25km to next hut was 5hrs. Probably more in dark. Turned back to stay here. Washed in lake and managed to dry constantly damp clothes in stiff breeze. Early to bed for early start and long day tomorrow. Big change in terrain to coastal heath and open low flat landscape with only occasional forest and creek crossing. Getting close to coast at last!

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Nicki Rehn said...

Hi Andy,
I am following your progress and am excited to see how fast you are blazing down the trail. You are very close to the coast now and I remember my first day of reaching the ocean was the greatest day of all. The south coast is truly spectacular. If I could, I would come down and walk some of it with you, but I am stuck in Perth this week. I recommend the bakeries in both Walpole and Denmark. I felt that same constant hunger as well by the time I hit the coast. Have fun. Nicki Rehn