Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dec 1 Update

Day 8 had a great day. Rained heaps but only few gusts. Lots of blow downs from storm. Old bloke in hut was afraid of tree coming down. Guy from hut Day 9 pitched his tent in the shelter. It was wild. Did 58.8km in 13.21. Including long lunch in Balingup with Ron. Day 9 another long one. Had excellent feed at Donnelly. Last section about 25km and ankle gets bad near end of day so hard finish. Spectacular scenery though. Hut alone. 65km in 13:51 Will try for Pemberton tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Whippet

Your a bloody legend - holy wow you are getting the most out of the Bib Track - awesome champ. We are all cheering for you.
Happy day