Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The devil is in the detail

I went over some notes sent to me by Karl today. Karl hiked the trail in February this year, in the reverse direction because of the fires. Unsupported, using pre-placed food drops. Amazing effort. His recollections and notes scribbled on the back of his topos will be invaluable in helping us plan and navigate tricky sections. Amazingly, I met Karl the day after he finished his epic hike. By some bizarre twist of fate the ride he hitched out of Walhalla ended with him overnighting in Geelong, my home town. In true ultrarunning spirit he has been incredibly forthcoming and helpful and we really appreciate his support.

With "possible showers" tipped every day in Walhalla this week, we could get a nice cool and damp start to the run next week. Only 7 more sleeps!

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