Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Final preparations

With Coast to Kosciusko run our attention is now firmly focused on getting to Walhalla in good shape. Both Tim and Phil finished the 240km C2K strongly, boding well for the challenge to come. Crewing for Tim I ended up spending considerable time on the Saturday night near the summit of Kosci helping rescue a depleted runner. The weather was fair but brutally cold. I had to stand in the open to maintain phone signal and the light breeze cut through my many layers and had me shaking uncontrollably. It was a salient reminder of how vulnerable we will be out there. Before the sun had fully set we were treated to a magnificent panorama of hazy grey mountains marching off to the horizon. We will be there again in a couple of weeks and will spend some time to soak in the achievement.

Injinji have stuck with us despite the delays. We are being kitted out with the latest graded compression toe socks. With time constraints not allowing any pre-run tryouts, we will be subjecting these socks to the ultimate test. But such is our confidence in the Injinji products that we are happy to "break-them-in" in the field.

We still have our fundraising effort underway. For us it is all about running through the wilderness to help save the wilderness. If we can inspire people to donate even a little towards buying land to save Pungalina - Seven Emus Nature Reserve then we will have accomplished something special. The link to the Pungalina donation site is on the sidebar.

Only 8 more sleeps!


Aqua Mirage said...

Hello Andrew & fellow runners,
I've finally discovered how to email you!
How exciting - i managed to get a small piece put into the Geelong Advertiser & the Geelong News - unfortunately the lovely lady Margaret @ the paper didn't give us enough notice for me or Nan to supply her with a photo (i realise you have them on your website but she required better quality) so she could have done a big article.
I'm thinking good thoughts for you all & so are all my friends/family that i emailed. I hope they donated generously!
Take care & enjoy yourselves.
Love you,
and Nan (Mum) sends her love too.

Aqua Mirage said...

PS Aqua Mirage is Merinda!