Saturday, December 5, 2009

AAWT Restart

OK this is it, we are on again! After much deliberation, and much calendar gazing, and even more weather watching, we have set a restart date for our grand adventure: Tuesday 29th December.

We have been reticent to announce the date for fear of another false start but airfares are all locked in, leave booked and maps getting spread out again. I had planned to spend some time on parts of the course this spring but a family illness has meant that was not possible.

Meanwhile, we have all continued our individual ultra experiences with Phil finishing the massive Ultra-Trail Tour Mont Blanc in August. Then after coming home he finished first place in the inaugural Great Ocean Walk 100km and then a handy second place in the Great North Walk 100 miler. Tim also completed the GOW100km then managed 100km of the GNW100. I stepped into co-race director role to help organise the GOW100s trail races and after a lay-off managed to finish my 4th straight GNW100 miler.

There is a possibility that we may have another runner on the team. But due to their propensity towards injury they don't want to be outed just yet for fear of putting the mozz on things!

This weekend sees the last big hit-out for Phil and Tim at the Coast to Kosciusko, 240km. Kathy and I will be crewing Tim.

After considerable disappointment at the postponement in February we nervously await the coming summer and listen for the fire warnings. Safety will always be our priority. We will continue to update our progress over the next couple of weeks as the start date approaches.

As Dave would say: "Bring it." Or as I would say: "Only 23 more sleeps!"


csol said...

Excellent news guys. Best of luck!

sue said...

Hope the recovery from C2K is going well for all three of you and that Santa brings fresh legs and feet for the adventure ahead! Actually, that'd be a kinda grotesque-looking Santa sack - but you know what I mean.