Friday, February 18, 2011

Count down

So I have set a start date: March 4th. I had hoped to be out there a few days before that but the amount of organisation necessary continues to deny me that. I have all the gear I will be taking but haven't done a full pack weigh-in yet. A little afraid of that one! I have purchased a new and slightly bigger pack (Aarn Mountain Magic 44) this week from Backpackinglight in Melbourne and despite being a bit heavier than I wanted it has plenty of room and rides well even when weighed down. The Marathon Magic 30 I used last time is just too small without the luxury of sharing gear with Phil. I have most of my food sorted. The difficulty will be a balance between carrying enough but not too much while not underestimating the length of time between drops. I am still struggling to get the Blogger account to recognize my phone. It doesn't seem to accept the 3 network, which is a real pain. Will keep working on that. Transport to and from the start/finish is arranged. Just need to get everything packed and sorted. Oh and keep training.
I will be marking the last 30km of the Maroondah Dam race tomorrow and running/sweeping the 50km race on Sunday so I will get a good feel for the new pack. My legs already feel like bricks so it should be a fun weekend. :)

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