Friday, February 11, 2011

Solo and unsupported

So looks like it is on. I am going to traverse the AAWT on my own. I plan to start early March. I will drive to Canberra the last weekend in Feb depositing my drop barrels and then leave my van in Canberra, fly back to Melbourne and get a ride to Walhalla.

This has been a dream of mine for many years and the sudden flurry of interest spurred me into action. I still have much preparation to complete. Shifting from the previous supported-style attempt to solo changes many aspects. I would have loved to have all the team there again but that will have to wait. I had been training hard anyway but have moved focus to more specific work, namely carrying a heavy pack everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I am sorting feverishly through gear and planning food for the drops. I have set up a mobile blogger to access this blog via sms on my phone so hope to keep updates coming. I have a little over 2 weeks to pull it all together and get out there but in actuality my mind has never been far from the trail since we bailed out just over 12 months ago. I can't wait to get back out there.


Hamburglar said...

Awesome Whippet. Will be watching. Good luck. How many available days do you have?

sol said...

Yay for you. Can't wait to hear how you go :)

Whippetman said...

Thanks Chris. I have plenty of time off. But the aim is to get through as quick as I can still, despite the lack of crew.

Karl said...

Hey Whippet. Awesome stuff and can't wait to see how it unfolds for you and the other two. I will be with you every step of the way.
cheers Karl