Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mobile blogging

Hopefully this will allow me to blog on the go!

Looks like I have a system, albeit slow, that will allow me to post blogs on the go when I hit mobile reception. I have also added in a link for the Spot tracker in the sidebar that once activated will show my progress through the mountains.

I will also likely send stuff to Phil and Dave to post up as it will be a lot easier for them. Thanks Plu for the tip, but the new little prepaid phone will do the trick when I have access.

Much of my food is bagged up. To look at it I start to wonder if it will be enough. I remember only too well running out of food with Phil last year and getting back to camp very hungry. I guess that's a good incentive to get to each drop a little faster to have spare food to feast on.

Just nine more sleeps.


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