Tuesday, February 8, 2011

March on the AAWT

The summer of 2010/11 marches on and our window of opportunity for another attempt at running the AAWT is slowly closing. January was out due to my commitments as race director at Bogong to Hotham. We tried to organise a March start but it became too difficult to co-ordinate everyone with enough leave. Meanwhile, interest has grown in running the track and there is a solo runner making a start in early March with full support and a film crew. Another well known ultrarunner, Dave Byrnes, is heading off on a solo-unsupported traverse in mid-March as well but is not concerned with speed records. I still have my leave booked and the pull is growing undeniably strong to head out there again. It would be a totally different affair without the whole team and I feel a little remiss in going without them but I have a chance to still squeeze through that window so an early March start is on the cards again for me. Solo. Unsupported. How fast? As fast as my little legs can carry me. :)

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