Friday, February 25, 2011


I have pushed the start date out a few days. I now plan to start on Monday March 7th. I will spend 3 days driving to Canberra depositing my 5 barrels along the course before flying back and getting a ride to Walhalla. I have mapped out a rough planned itinerary which I hope will get me back to Canberra in around 18 days if all goes well. Just as track conditions will vary from the recently cleared (Ropers Hut to Maddison Hut thanks to Parks Vic) to the massively obstructed (north of the Viking with regrowth and downed trees) I will vary my plans to suit. Which means I have spent many hours scrutinizing the guide book and topos to map out all potential water and camp sites en route. While the record summer rains should make water more available it could pose problems with creek crossings (picture Phil and I wading waist deep along Black River after 10 years of drought last year!) and downed trees and track wash-outs. I do know that John Chapman and a team of volunteers are continuing with clearing in the Baw Baw section so there will be some bonuses.

I have no control over the elements and conditions but I have been working hard on my fitness. And gear and food planning is critical to keep my load light. Because I suffer from the cold I doubt I will reach the minimalist standards that Karl achieved for his traverse but I am working at it. His knowledge and experience are helping me plan and re-reading his blog is great motivation.

Back to the packing........


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